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Impresión Digital en Textiles | Printer

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D.gen Arachne
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Equipped with precise textile feeder, d.genArachne is able to directly print on most kind of fabrics including silk chiffon, stretchable fabrics such as knitted fabrics, even some spandex.

Industrial textile printing machine , d.gen Arachne enables to produce Strike-Off within a day and guarantee professional textile printing and high profit-business in high end fashion industry, home Furnishing & Decorative fabric Markets using garments, curtains, beddings,art walls, sofa and cushions.

d.gen Arachne is able to produce a sample within a day with much lower cost than traditional way. When printing within 500~600yards by d.gen Arachne, the production cost is even lower than traditional way of silk screen printing. Furthermore, a digitally printed sample can be manufactured in mass production by traditional way of printing with much lower cost.

Digital Printing will accomplish ‘on-demand production business’- to produce by market demand which “no need” to keep many inventories- for current textile related business which needs short production time responding to short fashion cycle.

Furthermore, our wide range of inks and scientifically organized CMS (Color Management System) provided as an option, ensure remarkable color expression. And easy color reproduction.
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